John Doe

John Doe is normal.
John Doe needs help.

New Wave Psychology
can help John Doe.

Some of The What and Why of John Doe

New Wave Psychology needed a spokesperson. Someone who could represent and tell the story of New Wave Psychology. I found this graphic of a generic (white) man/boy among some old teacher-oriented clip-art graphics that someone had given me (a folder of sheets of stark black-and-white drawings that had been distributed by 3M to support their "new" invention, overhead projectors). I named him John Doe because I wanted this spokesperson to represent the norm, the statistical mean, the average and typical. John Doe had one other significant characteristic: he wanted to change, he wanted a more interesting life. John Doe was bored with being "normal." He had some deviancy, some quirkiness, some goofiness inside of him that wanted to get out. But he needed help. He needed New Wave Psychology.

Wearable laminated John Doe pin.

Self-Performance: Make-It-Yourself John Doe Mask.

Eleven x seventeen-inch poster of John Doe
with the two father's of modern social psychology.

John Doe Mask cut out.

© 2006 Allen Bukoff