Celebrating Artcite Inc.'s 25th Anniversary
25 Years To Life - May 27 - June 23, 2007
Artcite Inc. - Windsor, Canada

Fluxus Midwest Salutes Oona Mosna for Making Faces
Handouts with badges and buttons
June, 2007

The story. On Friday evening, May 25, 2007, Fluxus Midwest setup and ran a make-your-own-wearable-art installation at the opening exhibition and celebration of the 25th birthday of Artcite, Windsor, Ontario's artist run art center. One of the exhibition hosts (and Artcite Board members) is Oona Mosna. As we were packing up our tools and materials, Oona approached us hoping to make a button or badge. We told her it was too late but took her picture, promised her we'd make a button out of it and told her we'd bring this button when we came back in several weeks. When she posed for her picture she made a bold, contorted face. Fluxus Midwest supports "making faces" and believes that the world would be a more interesting place if more people made more faces. Thanks, Oona, for doing your part.

The handout -- front, back & unfolded

Full-size display of scanned badges & buttons

Set of handouts in their own cigar box

© 2007 Allen Bukoff & FLUXUS Midwest