Celebrating Artcite Inc.'s 25th Anniversary
25 Years To Life - May 27 - June 23, 2007 - Artcite Inc. - Windsor, Canada

Wearable buttons, tags & adornments

Leesa Bringas, Artistic Coordinator of Artcite, Inc., asked us if we would consider making some buttons to commemorate Artcite's Anniversary. "Let's see what we can come up with" we said. "We like the image of the odd boy that you've been using on the posters for the exhibition. And we like the Artcite logo. Maybe we can do something with these."

We designed five different types of wearable buttons, tags & adornments (displayed here) and we manufactured 60 copies of each type. These pins were presented to Artcite at the Closing Reception and offered to reception attendees.

Wooden cigar box. Fluxus Midwest logo printed on canvas.

Cigar box containing mix of the buttons, tags and adornments. Inside lid of box displayed a digital image of each of the five types of wearables.

To learn more about our pin-making activities, please visit pinpunk.com

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